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Put On a Pokémon Party in Montreal with Birthday Parties for Kids

Has your child always wanted to be a Pokémon trainer? You can host a Pokémon party with Birthday Parties for Kids that your little one is sure to love. Two great packages are available:

Pokémon Package 1

Pikachu Birthday Party

(30 minutes – $150, loot bag included)

  • Your child and guests will sing and dance to Pokémon music with our Pikachu mascot.
  • They’ll participate in a treasure hunt for Pokéballs and receive loot bags that they can colour.
  • Pikachu will pose for pictures* and cut the birthday cake* with your guests. (time permitting)
  • The birthday child and your guests will each receive a personalized Pokémon card.**
  • Color your own Pokémon T Shirt.

Pokémon Package 2

Pikachu and Professor Oak Birthday Party

(60 minutes – $25 per child, loot bag included)

  • Special guests: Pikachu and Professor Oak will arrive at your party.
  • Pokémon license:Each child will receive a Pokémon license** signed by professor Oak.
  • Starter Pokémon:Each child will go up to professor Oak and receive a starter Pokémon (either Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, Snorlax, or Pikachu.) Your child and guests will dress up as their starter Pokémon.
  • Treasure hunt:Your guests will look for Pokéballs which we will have hidden in advance.
  • Pokémon training:Our Pokémon trainers, Pikachu and Professor Oak, will teach the new Pokémon how to throw their Pokéball and use a special attack called “Flash Canon.”
  • Pokémon Battle:Using laser guns and their newly learned “flash-canon” attack, your child and guests will battle against cardboard picture cut-outs of Meowth and Team Rocket which will be placed around the house.
  • Pokédex dig:The partygoers will be given a “dig box” filled with Pokémon to unearth and take home. Will they find their favorite Pokémon?
  • During the party, we’ll put on a light show and play Pokémon theme music.
  • The birthday child and your guests will each receive a set of Pokémon cards to trade and admire among themselves, a loot bag that they can colour, as well as a personalized Pokémon card.**

To find out more about our Pokémon party packages, give us a call.

* Camera and cake not included.

**Please provide us with pictures (JPG) of your guests beforehand so we can print their licenses or cards in time for the party

Our mascots and/or princesses are generic and are not affiliated or associated with a license from any company or brand.

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